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“Never Say Never”

Businessman Vidmantas KANOPA has made its way back to politics and tries for the post of the mayor of Rokiškis District.

Last year “Business & Politics” published an article “From Politics to Business – with a Head Up High”. We wrote that the managing director of Daivida UAB Vidmantas Kanopa proved that a politician may become a successful businessman.

“I can see myself working in business in the immediate future. However, as they say. Never say never. You never can tell,“ – Vidmantas Kanopa told our magazine last summer.

He was delighted with double success this year. As soon as Vidmantas Kanopa was elected to the council of Rokiškis District, his companions offered him to become the mayor of the district and soon afterwards he won a Romanian land-rover Dacia Duster in a lottery. 

You are a successful businessman – you have won elections, a car, you are successful in your business. Do you have any good elves bringing you luck? 

I can say with confidence that all depends on consistent work, communication with people, respect for one’s promise. It does not matter that I had to leave the district temporarily due to my work. But my roots, my parents, my family business have always been and remained in the district.

What emotions did the vehicle won in the lottery bring to you? 

Of course, I am happy but that is a momentary joy. Continuous success in business would be more delightful. The car will be a gift to my sons for good learning achievements.

You coming -back to politics was very successful. The residents of Rokiškis ranked you in a higher position. How would you explain such a success?

I may only express my heartfelt thanks to the people. I do not know what else to say. Voting results were stable in the entire region, all constituencies.

Perhaps people expressed more confidence in rural constituencies. It is my duty to meet people’s expectations and their confidence by my job.

A number of residents in Rokiškis remember your successful administration of the district more than ten years ago. Would you agree to become a mayor?

My colleagues and the prospective coalition offered me this post, and of course I agreed to try for the mayor’s office. There is many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip.

What would your first jobs be? What is lacking in the city or the district?  

Much has already been done. Funds are most lacking at this time. Another field is job places and improvement of business environment. That includes investments in a broad sense, consulting of business operators, assistance in selecting the opportunities of improvement of their business quality. I would pay much attention to increasing employment. The level of unemployment is still very high. All is highly intertwined.

You are now residing in Vilnius. You will have to move to Rokiškis. What differences do you see between the capital and the countryside?

People in the countryside are not that picky. They do not need luxury. They also have cafes and other public services. Of course, we always need to improve our surroundings.

What does your family think about your decision to return to politics?

They were skeptical in the beginning. Now they have already accepted this idea and support me and my determination.

Interviewed by Karolis DINEIKA

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